Human and Institutional Capacity Building

A key goal of Nutrition Innovation Lab is building research and academic capacity within the host country.  The Nutrition Innovation Lab seeks to provide young host country professionals with the education, training and research support they need through scholarships, workshops, trainings, and publications. The Nutrition Innovation Lab Asia hosts In-country, Multi-sector Stakeholder formals, Training Workshops, and supports short term and long term training for students, academics, and practitioners.

Long term Training

The Nutrition Innovation Lab supports young professionals in accomplishing an MS or PhD degree either at a US institution or within the host country.  Since 2011, we have supported 30 students, 9 from Nepal and 21 from Uganda in the achievement of their degrees in Health and Nutrition.

Short term Training & Workshops

The Nutrition Innovation Labs have supported Ugandan and Nepalese several training workshops and short term training courses.

Scholarships & Support

Among other programs, the Nutrition Innovation Lab is working in collaboration with Makerere University to design and implement a modulated short course in Public Health Nutrition Practices and Programming aimed at filling in curricular gaps in the current set of educational offerings across Uganda. Through short courses students will be equipped to tackle nutritional issues in a multi-faceted and systematic way. These courses are being offered online with a customized version of Tufts University’s online learning system  (TUSK), which is an open source platform for learning and content management.


  • The Nutrition Innovation Lab held the 3rd Annual Scientific Symposium in Kathmandu, Nov 18-20, 2014. A total of 50 Young Nepali scientists attended the symposium supported by USAID Nepal
  • 300 Nepalese policy makers and academics attended the 3rd Annual Symposium
  • The Nutrition Innovation Lab supports MS and PhD students in Nepal and Uganda
  • As part of the Nutrition Innovation Lab’s capacity-building activities, eight participants from Uganda and Nepal were sponsored at the conference in January 2011 and January 2012.
  • A total of 29 Nepali professionals were trained in workshops in 2012
  • 100 Nepali professionals were exposed to rigorous scientific methods at the 1st annual Scientific Symposium.
  • Seven Ugandan students will complete MS and MPH degrees at universities in Uganda this year with the help of Nutrition Innovation Lab funding.
  • Four Ugandans students have attended the Boston Bangalore Nutrition Collaborative training in Bangalore, India in January 2013, with regular attendance of Ugandan students planned for subsequent Nutrition Innovation Lab years.
  • Thirty government officials attended a workshop on Evidence-Based Policymaking for Nutrition in Uganda in 2013
  • Forty Nepalese professionals attended training on issues in public health nutrition, grant writing and research proposal development for future RFAs during 2013.