What We Do

“Agricultural development programmes…are by themselves often not enough to accelerate reduction in hunger and malnutrition”

Thompson & Meerman (2010) Food and Agriculture Organization

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At present, there is very limited, rigorous empirical evidence to support the widespread assumption that higher productivity and diversity of agricultural outputs automatically supports enhanced maternal and child nutrition outcomes. The Nutrition Innovation Lab represents an opportunity to provide a research base for integrated agriculture-nutrition interventions.

The Nutrition Innovation Lab, using well designed research, studies the effectiveness of positive behavior changes, best practices, innovations pursued by ‘positive deviants’, and new technologies applied in the field across nutrition, health and agriculture translating into improved outcomes, particularly among vulnerable women and children.

Research results co-authored with host-country institutions and individuals will be disseminated through state of the art dynamic communication tools including web portals and social media as well as through formal publications.


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