Factors associated with child wasting in South Asia: An in-depth analysis of household survey data in six countries

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This poster explores child wasting in South Asia using an analysis of household survey data from 6 different countries. Presented at the 5th Annual Scientific Symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Association between household food insecurity and infant growth in rural Bangladesh

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Food insecurity is a global concern, yet its association with child growth is not fully understood. This study in rural Bangladesh explored associations between household food insecurity, using standardized questions, and infant growth. We asked a published 10-item, 6-mo household food insecurity questionnaire at 6 and 12 mo postpartum to 6,333 mothers participating in an antenatal micronutrient supplementation trial.

1st Annual Scientific Symposium-Nutrition Collaborative Research Support Program

March 21-22, 2012

The Global Nutrition Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP) Asia through its partner, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, organized a two-day scientific symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal, co-hosted by the Department of Community Medicine and Public Health at the Institute of Medicine (IOM)