Paudel, Krishna

Aflatoxin exposure and child nutrition: measuring anthropometric and long-bone growth over time in Nepal

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Naturally occurring aflatoxins may contribute to poor growth and nutritional statuses in children.


We analyzed the relationship between contemporary and lagged aflatoxin exposure and 1) length-for-age z-score (LAZ); and 2) length, knee-heel length, stunting, weight-for-age z-score (WAZ), and weight-for-length z-score (WLZ).


Relatively Low Maternal Aflatoxin Exposure Is Associated with Small-for-Gestational-Age but Not with Other Birth Outcomes in a Prospective Birth Cohort Study of Nepalese Infants

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This study used maternal and newborn data from the AflaCohort Study, an ongoing birth cohort study in Banke, Nepal (= 1621). Data on aflatoxin B1(AFB1)-lysine adducts in maternal serum were collected once during pregnancy (at mean ± SD: 136 ± 43 d of gestation). Maternal serum AFB1-lysine adduct concentration was measured via HPLC.

Factors associated with anemia in pregnant women in Banke, Nepal

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Anemia through pregnancy is highly correlated with poor birth outcomes, especially low birth weight (LBW). The Nepal DHS 2011 reports prevalence of anemia in pregnant women at 48%.

Factors associated with mid upper arm circumference in pregnant women in Banke, Nepal

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Rates of weight gain in pregnancy are associated with infant weight for age, length for age and weight for length and are predictive of postnatal growth at 6 months of age. The study examines factors linked with low mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) in pregnant women in Banke Nepal.