Nutrition Innovation Lab

Understanding Agriculture to Nutrition Linkages: A Rapidly Moving Agenda

Presentations from?Sept 30th, 2015 in Washington DC on research findings from the first 5 years of our research in Asia and Africa.

These are the compiled slides from 8 separate presentations from: Patrick Webb, Patrick, Gerald Shively,?Keith West, Shibani Ghosh, Nassul Kabunga, Robin Shrestha, Bernard Bashaasha, and?Jeffrey Griffiths.

To view the presentations, click on the presentation below to see the recording.

Nutrition Collaborative Research Support Program Africa Annual Report 2011/12 (Fiscal Year 2012-Year 2)

The Nutrition Collaborative Research Support Program for Africa (N/CRSP-Africa) represents a novel model for focusing US-supported research on food and nutrition issues in developing countries. This includes:

-A defined geographic focus (?deep-dive? research which is in line with Feed the Future (FtF) priority countries);
An applied focus (operations research rather than discovery science);