Kinabo, Joyce

The Relationship Between Dietary Diversity Among Women of Reproductive Age and Agricultural Diversity in Rural Tanzania

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Background: Agriculture can influence diets through consumption of home-produced foods or increased purchasing power derived from sale of agricultural commodities.

Objective: This article explores cross-sectional relationships between agricultural diversification and dietary diversity (a proxy for micronutrient adequacy) among women of reproductive age in rural Tanzania.

Measuring Food and Nutrition Security: An Independent Technical Assessment and User's Guide for Existing Indicators

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The purpose of this document is to assist policy and program planners and implementers, designers and managers, evaluators and analysts to target interventions and measure progress in food security and nutrition. Indicators for concepts such as Measuring Food and Nutrition Security: Technical Assessment and User's Guide Page 2 stunting and wasting, diet diversity and nutrient adequacy or food insecurity have proliferated in recent years, leading to widespread confusion about the best indicators for any given situation.