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6th Annual Agriculture to Nutrition Scientific Symposium

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition in partner with GON and UNICEF hosted the 6th Annual Scientific Symposium  on Agriculture - Nutrition pathways & 25 Years of Nepal's Progress on Nutrition from November 27-29, 2018 at hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu. The event, funded by USAID and EU, was co-hosted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, UNICEF – Nepal, Government of Nepal, Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Medicine (IOM) Community Medicine & Public Health Department, Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) and the Nepali Technical Assistance Group (NTAG).


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 Title Presenter Format Prize
Household Food Expenditure on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages in Rural Uganda Shibani Ghosh pdf  
Assessing diet intake using Food Frequency data from pregnant and non-pregnant Nepali Women Elizabeth Marino-Costello pdf  
Multi-sector community development improves child diet quality relative to other household members more than nutrition training alone in rural Nepal Laurie C. Miller pdf  
Overweight and obesity in women of reproductive age, household food consumption and production practices in southwestern Bangladesh Shibani Ghosh pdf  
Understanding nutrition capacities of Front Line Workers’ (FLWs) in implementation of integrated nutrition programs in Nepal Robin Shrestha pdf  
Understanding dietary behaviour change to improve health amongst those suffering from an NCD in Kathmandu Lizzie Caperon pdf  
Dietary diversity, consumption of animal source foods, and maternal nutritional status in Bangladesh Chloe Andrews pdf  
Are associations between agricultural production diversity and dietary diversity sensitive to metrics used? Lichen Liang pdf  
Household Food Expenditure on Processed Foods and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages in southwest Bangladesh Shibani Ghosh pdf  
Nepal- A Four Decades Success Story in moving beyond the Micronutrient Targets of the World Fit for Children Goals Naveen Paudyal pdf  
Variability study of biofortified bread wheat genotypes for grain zinc and iron concentration, grain yield and yield associated traits at Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal Sapana Ghimire pdf  
Prevalence of underweight and overweight among women of childbearing age in Nepal - trends from 2006 to 2016 Tarja I Kinnunen pdf  
Promoting healthier food choices through integrated school gardens in Nepal Dhruba Raj Bhattari    
Smartbakery - Improving nutritional status, school attendance and school performance through a community supported school-based bakery in rural Nepal” – a study protocol Robin Shrestha pdf  
Using mobile phone data as a proxy for predicting food security in Nepal Lichen Liang pdf  
Timing and risk factors for wasting and stunting in children under 2 years in a birth cohort in Dhanusha district, Nepal Laura K Busert pdf  
Digitized IMNCI for Management of Child Illness Or Digitized IMNCI- a step for improved child health and nutrition Saroj Kumar Sah pdf  
Assessment of Nutrition Status in the flood affected terai districts of Nepal based on the SMART Saurav Neupane pdf  
Aquaculture and Horticulture Linkages with Dietary Diversity in Children 6-23 Months of Age Katherine Heneveld pdf  
Nutritional status and the associated factors among people living with HIV visiting antiretroviral therapy sites in Kathmandu, Nepal (October 2017- April 2018) Samip Khatri    
Study on the Physical, Milling, Chemical Composition and Preparation of Biscuit and Cake From Chino (Prosomillet) and Kaguno (Foxtail Millet) Roman Karki    
Fish Farming: Primary source of income, nutrition and employment in ethnic Mallaha community of eastern Nepal Dikshit Poudel pdf 2nd
Anemia and its associated factor among pregnant women attending Antenatal care at Janakpur Zonal hospital, Nepal Umesh Kumar Yadav pdf  
Barriers of continuation of growth monitoring in Bara district Sajjan Yogesh pdf  
Characterizing prevalence of mycotoxins in value chain crops and livestock feeds in Western Nepal Ravindra Shrestha pdf  
Prevalence of anemia and its determinants among pregnant women attending Primary Health Centre of Sunsari district, Nepal Sarita Rai pdf  
Thyroid Dysfunction and Thyroglobulin level in Iodine Deficient Children of Udayapur, Nepal Saroj Kunwar pdf  
Effect of Nutrition Education on Hemoglobin Level in Pregnant Women: A Quasi-experimental Study Dev Ram Sunuwar pdf  
Household Food Security and Nutrition status among women of reproductive age in Pyuthan Municipality, Pyuthan, 2018 Manisha Pokhrel pdf  
Assessment of a cash-based pilot school meal program combined with nutrition-sensitive literacy education in Nepal Rachana Manandhar Shrestha pdf  
Feasibility and effectiveness of using mobile phones for tracking acute malnutrition amongst children in a flood response integrated management of acute malnutrition programme in Nepal plains Naomi M. Saville pdf  
 Title Presenter Format Prize
Assessment of nutritional status and dietary intake of adolescents studying in schools of Kohalpur municipality, Banke district Madan Pandey pdf  
Effect of malting and fermentation (Lactic acid) on the Composition and Functionality of Barley flour Krishna Chalise pdf  
Nutritional Status of Elderly People Living in a Care Home B. Sherchen  pdf  
Factors Associated with Anemia among the Pregnant Women Attending ANC in Rani PHC, Biratnagar Seajal Khadka pdf  
Effect of Soaking and Germination on Phytic Acid, Inorganic Phosphorous and Proximate Composition of Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan) Dambar Bahadur Khadka pdf  
Effect of pre-treatments on anti-nutritional factors and bioactive components of horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) flour Pravin Ojha pdf 3rd
Feasibility of urban nutrition gardening concept combined with maternal infant and young child nutrition training in Kathmandu and Lalitpur during 2016 and 2017 Sophiya Uprety pdf  
Factors Associated with Child Malnutrition Among Marginalized Chepang Community in Nepal Jeeban Ghimire    
Overweight and obesity of reproductive aged females of Kathmandu Metropolitan city, its association with dietary and other life style factors (Sep 2016- Mar 2017) Pramod Chandra Paudel pdf  
Knowledge, perception and behavior of adolescents on food and nutrition in Udayapur District, Nepal Sangeeta Paudyal pdf  
Comparative efficacy of Trichoderma viridae, Pseudomonas fluorescens and mixture of bio fertilizers against Clubroot of Broccoli caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae Sunmoon Jyakhwo pdf  
Double burden of malnutrition among the mother-child pairs at household level in Nepal Nitesh Shrestha pdf 1st
Trends over time and factors that impact on stunting in Nepalese children under-5 years of age Som Kumar Shrestha pdf  
Food consumption and its associated factors among school adolescents of Kathmandu metropolitan city Rashmi Jha pdf  
Maternal Nutrition Program in Nepal Naveen Paudyal pdf  
Awareness on nutritional value of fishes through establishing school ponds in rural Nepal Dilip K. Jha pdf  
Screening barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotpyes for quantitative traits and iron content  Santosh Rasaily    
Assessment of Nutritional Status of 6 - 59 months Children in Musahar community of Ramdhuni municipality, Sunsari Shikhar Dahal pdf  
A Healthy Food Supplementation Programme: pilot study in Nepal Jib Acharya pdf  
Novel technologies in agriculture, food safety and nutrition can pregnant women improve food diversity: Experience from Maternal Nutrition Intervention Project Monirul Islam pdf  
Housing Conditions, Self-Reported health status and Nutritional Status of 6-59 months Children in Bharatpur Metropolitan City – (September 2017 – March 2018) Ashesh Malla pdf  
Association between dietary habits and physical activity pattern with overweight and obesity amongst women in an urban community in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Mahesh Sarki pdf 3rd
Determination of Nutrient Adequacy of the Food Catered In the Child Care Homes (CCHs) of Sunsari District Om Prakash Sah pdf  
Drivers of Stunting Reduction in Nepal: A Country Case Study Nadia Akseer  pdf  
Risk factors for underweight and overweight among reproductive aged women in a national sample in Nepal Angela KC pdf  
Convenience and child preference drive Kathmandu Valley caregivers to choose commercial snack foods for their children aged 12-23 months Nisha Sharma pdf  
Wasting and it's Association with Food Insecurity in Nepal: Findings from Nepal Demographic Health Survey 2016 Sajama Nepali pdf  
Nutritional status and its associated factors among adolescents in higher secondary schools of Pokhara Valley Sabina Sigdel pdf  
Risk factors associated with overweight and obesity in reproductive aged females residing in Bharatpur Metropolitan City Sadikshya Subedi pdf  
Nutritional status among children aged 6-23 months and associated factors in Dalits and Non-Dalits of Dhanusha district, Nepal: a cross-sectional comparative study Anil Kumar Sah pdf  
Design and Conduct of the 2016 Impact Evaluation of Multi Sector Nutrition Plan (2013-2017) among Reproductive aged Women, Adolescents and Children in Nepal Sanjay Rijal pdf  
Dry Chain Complements Disaster Preparedness, Food, Feed, Nutrition and Health Security to Alleviate Hunger and Poverty. Peetambar Dahal pdf  
Effective and Real-Time Monitoring of Emergency Nutrition Interventions through customized use of locally developed technology Brijendra R Joshi 
Sanjay Rijal
Theme Title Speaker Format
Opening Plenary Welcome Remarks Dr. Keith P. West, Jr.



Mr. Tomoo Hozumi

    Mr. Ovidiu Mic video
  Opening Remarks Mr. Belay Mengistu video
Keynote Speaker Can Agriculture Deliver Nutrition? Getting to Yes! Robert Bertram pdf video
  Inaugural Address Dr. Usha Jha video
Food systems and the food policy environment Fortification of rice improves dietary adequacy and equity of nutrient intake in Nepal: evidence from a modelling approach  Naomi Saville pdf
  Horticulture Retail Supply Chain: Promising Stakeholder in Food-Based Nutrition Intervention Dripta Roy Choudhury pdf
  The dynamics and temporal trends of energy and available macronutrients in Nepal: a jointpoint regression analysis of food balance sheet data from 1961 to 2013 Syed Mahfuz Al Hasan pdf
Novel technologies and methodologies in agriculture, food safety, and nutrition Pilot testing of agricultural technologies: uptake and impacts on diet diversity in Bangladesh Sabi Gurung pdf
  Effect of thermal processing on phytic acid, inorganic phosphorous and proximate composition of pigeon pea
Dinesh Subedi pdf
  Energy expenditure, time use, and food intakes in agricultural and rural livelihoods: Findings from Nepal Giacomo Zanello pdf
Findings from Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition- Nepal
Dietary Change in Nepal 2013-2016: Insights from the Nepal Annual Household Surveys Gerald Shively pdf
  Household Food Expenditure on Ultra-Processed Foods is associated with higher wealth and education in Nepal Shibani Ghosh pdf
  Dietary quality over time protects young Nepali children from poor development
Laurie Miller pdf
  Factors associated with dietary patterns in Nepali women Andrew Thorne-Lyman
Issues related to pre- and post-harvest management in food-producing households  A Machine Learning Approach for Rainfall and Crop Prediction to Assist Farmers in Suitable Crop Production Rishin Haldar pdf
  Dried blood spots for aflatoxin B1 assessment in a field study with pregnant women Shibani Ghosh pdf
  Better pre- and post-harvest management reduces aflatoxin contamination in maize in different ecologies of Nepal Ravindra Shrestha
Linkage diet, nutrition and health Infant and Young Child Feeding Coping among the Food Insecure Households in Rural Nepal Dibya Laxmi Manandhar Rijal pdf
  Factors associated with high intakes of unhealthy snack foods and sugar-sweetened beverages among young children in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Alissa Pries video
  Dietary factors associated with overweight and obesity in reproductive aged females residing in Bharatpur metropolitan city Richa Bhattarai
  Dietary diversity and nutritional status of infant and young children aged 6-23 months in Bardagat Municipality in Nawalparasi District Ranjita Chaudhary pdf
Social equity, gender and access to food Trends and predictors of inequality in childhood stunting in Nepal from 1996 to 2016 Mirak Raj Angdembe  
  Land and livelihood strategies for women’s empowerment in nutrition-sensitive agriculture: a mixed methods approach Sneha Krishnan
  Provincial Disparities in Child Undernutrition in Nepal Sumit Karn pdf
Evaluations of agricultural and nutrition interventions Degree of Exposure to Suaahara II and Maternal and Child Dietary Diversity. Indra Dhoj Kshetri 
  Impact evaluation of Agriculture and Food Security Project Gogi Grewal  pdf
  Improving agriculture, nutrition, and WASH knowledge among health workers and Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal Shraddha Manandhar pdf
  Understanding facilitators and constraints of sustained activities of the Action Against Malnutrition through Agriculture (AAMA) project - an integrated rural nutrition intervention in Nepal Robin Shrestha pdf
  Impact of a pilot school garden project on children's food knowledge, preference and behavior in Nepal Dhruba Raj Bhattarai pdf
  Evaluation of Sunaula Hazar Din- Community Action for Nutrition Project Nepal Manav Bhattarai