2014 Symposium

Agriculture, Food Systems, and Nutrition: Connecting the Evidence for Action

2014 Symposium Overview

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition, in conjunction, with our partner, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Institute of Medicine,the Nepali Technical Assistance Group, and the Nepal Agriculture Research Council, hosted its 3rd annual Scientific Symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal on November 18-20, 2014. The question driving this symposium was simple: how can agriculture improve household food security and nutrition outcomes? Yet the work of understanding the agriculture to nutrition pathway is complex. Building sustainable systems that promote food security, nutrition, and health in Nepal requires the utilization of high-quality, empirical evidence. The implications of understanding agriculture to nutrition pathways in Nepal are far-reaching; as stated by USAID Mission Director to Nepal, Dr. Beth Dunford, “the world is looking at Nepal for evidence of what works.”

Speakers and Presentations

Day 1 Oral Presentations
Alan Dangour Time to move from Agriculture to Action in Agriculture and Health
Akriti Singh Maternal Access to Information: Can Bhanchhin Aama Influence Child Diets?
Chandra Thapa Bridging the Gap: Food Security Response Analysis and Planning Based on the Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NEKSAP)
Bishow Raman Neupane Integrating Nutrition in Local Response Structures: An Example from Suahaara
Patrick Webb Measuring Nutrition Governance in Nepal: Metrics of the Management of Multisectoral Plans
Rolf Klemm PoSHAN Community Studies, Nepal-Preliminary insights from 2013 and 2014 panel surveys
Keith West Aflatoxin Exposure during the First 1000 Days of Life in Rural South Asia Assessed by Aflatoxin-Lysine Albumin Biomarkers
Claire Fitch Barriers to Collaborative Agriculture and Nutrition Research
Erin Bihel Challenges to Turning Nutrition & Agricultural Research Findings into Action
Day 2 Oral Presentations
Sunila Rai Sustainable CARP and Nutrient Rich Small Fish Farming
Amar Bahadur Thing Post-Harvest Drying of Cardamom by an Electric Dryer: Perceptions about Added Value
Binesh Man Sakha Integrating B-Carotene Enriched Orange Sweet Potato in Aquaculture by Small Fish Farmers
Andy McDonald Scaling Agricultural Technologies through Market Development: Examples from the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia
Gerald Shively Food Prices: Their Determinants and Connections to Child Nutrition in Nepal
Mohan Sharma Livestock Adaptation & Climate Change Innovation Lab
Kenda Cunningham Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture and Child Nutritional Status
Noami Saville Monitoring the Effect on HFS of Food and Cash Transfers to Pregnant Women in the Low Birth Weight South Asia Trial
Manav Bhattarai Design of an Impact Evaluation of Sunaula Hazar Din
Laurie Miller Child Dietary Quality in Rural Nepal
Helen Fry Validation of Photographic Food Atlas
Sumit Karn Impact Evaluation of Agriculture and Food Security Project (AFSP)
Day 3: What is Evidence? Workshop (Also on YouTube!)
Patrick Webb Reviews of Systematic Reviews (Watch it on Youtube!)
Keith West What Constitutes Rigor in Study Design? (Watch it on Youtube!)
Alan Dangour Wash and Nutrition outcomes in Children (Watch it on Youtube!)
Poster Presentations
Abhishek Khadha Change in anti-nutritional and reducing sugar value during germination in some varieties of finger millet in Nepal
Adam Richter Non-timber forest products and childhood undernutrition: A review of the literature
Amrit Prasad Poudel Evaluation of quality protein maize for food and nutritional security in the western hills of Nepal
Madhusudhan Ghimire Roles of Cooperatives in Household Food Security: Insights from Rupandehi, Lalitpur, Kabhrepalanchowk and Sindhupalchowk
Claire Fitch Is diversity in agriculture production linked to dietary diversity in among Nepalese Women? Findings from the PoSHAN Community Studies
Erin Bihel Does amount and kind of food brought by a Household vary by indices of wealth in Nepal
Indu Adhikary Commercial Snacks Food in the Diets of Infant and Young Children
Indu Sharma Tracking Commitment to a Multi-Sector Nutrition Plan
Jamie Dorsey Linking Antenatal and Postnatal Care, maternal health knowledge, and behavior among women in the PoSHAN Community Studies
Krishna Kaphle The holy cow: Potentials of indigenous cattle in self-subsistence and their conservation efforts in Nepal
Manoj Kumar Shah Study on the response of breed, feeds and probiotics on the performance of meat type rabbit
Naresh Shahi Household washing solutions to improve safety of fresh produce
Neena Joshi Growth and health of rural children in 3 districts of Nepal: Effect of a Community Development Intervention over 48 months
Ranju Kumari Mehta Exclusive breastfeeding practices among 6 to 11 month old children in Nepal
Resham B Amgai Variation on Protein content on different accessions of Nepalese underutilized crops
Resham B Khatri Prevalence and factors associated with Under-Nutrition among Children of freed-bonded (Kamiya) Laborers in Nepal
Rina Tiwari Determinants of stunting and severe stunting among under-fives: Evidence from the 2011 demographic and health survey
Sanjiv Subedi An economic assessment on use of poultry manure as a fertilizer in agriculture
Surendra Lal Shrestha Assessment of tomato cultivars for salad purpose to supplement nutrition in mid-hills of Nepal
Tara Nath Gaire Livestock health situations in Gandaki river basin (GRB) and Terai arch landscape(Tal) in context of climate change in Nepal
Varsha Upraity Fish for Food Security and Improved Nutrition