Research Briefing #13: Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Scientific Symposium

The Nutrition Innovation Lab?s 2nd annual scientific symposium held in Kathmandu, Nepal on August 13-14, 2013 under the theme ?Science and Policy for Health, Agriculture and Economic Growth? facilitated the sharing of new research findings along the agriculture to nutrition pathway. Featuring 15 oral and 11 poster presentations, the two day meeting was attended by approximately 250 participants who represented researchers, field practitioners, government policymakers, donors (including the USAID mission) and 40 students from various Nepali institutions of higher education.

The symposium included two keynote addresses discussing the 2013 Lancet Series on Nutrition and the role of Aflatoxin in growth suppression, a session on multi-sectoral nutrition research and implementation, three sessions addressing research findings on different components of the agriculture to nutrition pathway (agriculture to market, market to home and home to nutrition outcomes), a presentation on the analysis of the large scale survey ? the National Living Standards Survey (NLSS); the use of proteomics to assess micronutrient status; a poster presentation session; and high-level policy discussions.

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