Research Brief #7: Agriculture, Food Security, and Nutrition in Nepal: Taking Stock and Defining Priorities

The intent of the symposium was to share, understand and assimilate country- relevant evidence about factors that contribute to causal pathways that lead from agriculture to nutrition, in national, regional and local contexts. A national call for abstracts was made to researchers conducting work across these diverse but connected fields to present their work. The event was attended by approximately 140 participants from the scientific, research, program, policy maker and development partner communities.

The symposium sought to understand, from data relevant to Nepal, (a) aspects of agricultural production that affect food production quality, quantity and availability in markets across ecological zones and seasons, (b) market dynamics that affect year round and seasonal household access to food, through purchase or home production, (c) household food security and consumption norms that determine dietary intake, and (d) elements of dietary adequacy and hygiene that affect nutritional status, health, development and survival. The symposium was organized into four thematic sessions: (1) Agriculture-to-Market, (2) Market Purchase or Home Production-to-Household, (3) Household Diet to Nutritional Status of Women and Young Children, and (4)Linkages Across the Causal Spectrum.

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