Prioritizing and Funding the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan

Authors: Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens; Alexis D'Agostino; Hannah Foehringer Merchant; Abel Muzoora; Ezekiel Mupere; Lidan Du Publisher: Food and Nutrition Bulletin

In 2010, Uganda began developing its first multisectoral nutrition plan, the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan (UNAP), to reduce malnutrition. While the UNAP signals high-level commitment to addressing nutrition, knowledge gaps remain about how to successfully implement such a plan.

We tracked the UNAP’s influence on the process of priority setting and funding for nutrition from 2013 to 2015 and this study used a longitudinal mixed methods design to track qualitative and budgetary changes related to UNAP processes nationally as well as in 2 study districts. Qualitative changes were assessed through interviews, news content, and meeting notes. Changes in allocations and expenditures were calculated based on budget documents, work plans, and validation interviews.