Nutrition Collaborative Research Support Program Africa Annual Report 2011/12 (Fiscal Year 2012-Year 2)

The Nutrition Collaborative Research Support Program for Africa (N/CRSP-Africa) represents a novel model for focusing US-supported research on food and nutrition issues in developing countries. This includes:

-A defined geographic focus (?deep-dive? research which is in line with Feed the Future (FtF) priority countries);
An applied focus (operations research rather than discovery science);

-A focus on country-ownership (supporting research that informs nationally-defined priorities in food and nutrition);
Resources allocated to large grants to work at scale (rather than many small grants supporting studies of experimental or pilot activities); and

-Building capacity for analysis and policy formulation through formal education activities as well as engagement of local partners at stages of the research agenda.
Tufts University?s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy has served as the Management Entity (ME) for the Nutrition Collaborative Research Support Program (N/CRSP) for Africa and Asia since October 2010. The Friedman School implements the N/CRSP in close partnership with several US university partners?Tuskegee University, Purdue University, Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard University?as well as Development Alternatives, Inc. Additional partnerships have been formed around the research and capacity-building agenda. These partnerships include governmental bodies, Nepali Universities, and non-governmental actors.This report outlines achievements against the approved implementation plan for Year 2 (Y2), covering October 4, 2012 to October 3, 2013. Specific measurable goals laid out in the Y2 work plan are highlighted in boxes, along with the status of such goals (achieved or not) and details relating to achievements (or reasons for lack of achievement) are elaborated in the subsequent text.

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