Welcome Grace Namirembe!

grace-namirembeThe beginning of the 2015 year brought an exciting new opportunity to the Feed the  Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition’s Boston-based team. Due to the lab’s newly awarded  grant to study Aquaculture in Bangladesh, Data Analyst Sabi Gurung was promoted to act as  the new grant’s Country Representative. In the wake of her departure to Bangladesh, the  Nutrition Innovation Lab welcomed a new Data Analyst, Grace Namirembe. A native Ugandan,  Grace recently completed her Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in  Epidemiology from Boston University. She also developed a vested interest in Biostatistics and statistical programming, and expanded her scope of study while working on various projects as a data analyst. Grace first became interested in working with the Nutrition Innovation Lab due to their extensive investigations into various aspects of agriculture, nutrition, and health with an aim to provide sustainable food security approaches and policy relevant strategies.

Grace aspires to actively engage in programs that contribute to the betterment of lives in developing countries, and is excited to use this opportunity at Nutrition Innovation Labs to hone her skills and gain expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis. When asked about her new position at the Nutrition Innovation Lab, Grace was full of excitement, “If I could be just one thing, it would be an expert in Data Analysis. I want to have my work be known for its accuracy. And the fact that the work that I do is going to help not only my home country of Uganda, but also other parts of the world in need of assistance, there is no better place to become a professional.” The Nutrition Innovation Lab requires analysis of data sets obtained from households tested for various conditions like malnutrition and stunting. Grace is certainly gaining a strong foot-hold in the arena of data analysis with the lab’s sizable of data sets, and the Nutrition Innovation Lab is pleased to have her on our team.