Edgar Agaba Graduates with Master’s Degree

The Nutrition Innovation Lab would like to extend a most exuberant “Congratulations Graduate!” to an individual who has been a member of the lab since its initial formation in 2010. Edgar Agaba was working as faculty at Makerere University and later hired by the Nutrition Innovation Lab as a Country Coordinator for Uganda. After a few years of working for the Innovation Lab, Edgar decided he needed to deepen his understanding of the linkages between Public health, Nutrition and Agriculture, and Food Policy. He decided to come to Boston and earn his Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition at Tufts Medical School and the Friedman School of Nutrition Science-the Innovation Lab’s affiliate university. Now, two years later, Edgar Agaba is graduating and his research on Nutrition Pathways is turning heads; the Leverhulme Center for Integrated Research on Agricultural and Health has asked him to present a poster of his research at their conference this coming June. He will continue his research work in a PhD program this coming October.

“I’m very excited to get back to research” Edgar stated. He’ll be returning to his home country of Uganda this June and plans to hit the ground running, “I’ll be looking at things from a policy angle, hoping to see how our policies stand in the way of solving nutrition challenges, particularly at the district level. I’ll also reexamine the food intake issues across our society.” Edgar hopes to continue his research on Nutrition Pathways; he is most excited about keeping his research on local, district levels, while completely understanding all aspects of the nutrition pathways.

Edgar would like to extend his gratitude and thanks to both USAID and the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition for the financial support and all his blossoming research opportunities. Good Luck Edgar!