March 21-22, 2012 Symposium: Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition, Kathmandu, Nepal

Research Findings in Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition in Nepal: Taking Stock and Defining Priorities

The Nutrition CRSP Asia through its partner, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, organized a two-day scientific symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal to share, understand and assimilate country-relevant evidence about contributory and contextual factors that shape the causal pathways (and feedback) between agriculture and nutrition in the community.

This symposium was co-hosted and organized by the Department of Community Medicine and Public Health, Maharajgunj Medical Campus, IOM and the Global Nutrition CRSP and took place on March 21-22, 2012.

The symposium sought to understand, through data relevant to Nepal, aspects of agricultural production that affect food production quality, quantity and availability in markets across ecological zones and seasons, market dynamics that affect year round and seasonal household access to food, through purchase or home production, household food security and consumption norms that affect dietary intake, and nutritional adequacy and hygiene that affect nutritional status, health, societal function and survival. An emphasis will be placed on effects on women and young children.
The objective of this symposium was to take stock of the evidence that exists, assess its strength, identify gaps in the research and finally prioritize research needs to eventually facilitate this intersectoral research.

Program Materials
Copies of Relevant materials from the conference are available for download below.
Tenetative Program Overview
DFID Sys Review Agriculture interventions to improve child nutrition
Agriculture Health and Nutrition Toward Conceptualizing the Linkages
HarvestPlus Crop Strategies July2011 ASIA
How to Make Agricultire Pro Nutrition Oct 2011
IFPRI Reshaping Agriculture for Nutrition
Leroy et al MNF Impact of Multisectoral Programs focusing on nutrition
NARC vision 2011-2013
Nepal NAGA 2009
Policy Analysis of Pro-poor Agricultural Research and Sevice Delivery-FAO Policy1-2010
WB Accelerating Progress in Reducing Maternal and Child Undernutrition in Nepal


1) Agriculture-to-Market
2) Market Purchase or Home Production-to-Household
3) Household Dietary Intake to Nutritional Status of Women and Young Children, and
4) Linkages Across the entire spectrum.



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