Our Work

The Nutrition Innovation Lab team worked with USAID/Mali to develop a framework for nutrition action under the auspices of USAID Feed the Future in Mali. The aim of the report and activity was to provide USAID/Mali with a clear picture on the landscape of nutrition, health and agriculture activities as well as develop a package of interventions with the Malian context.

Objectives and Scope of Work for the project in Mali: completed in 2012.

  1. To understand and identify the mandates and guiding principles of the Feed the Future initiative and the Global Health Initiative within the context of USAID mission in Mali
  2. Analyze and map the nutrition landscape in Mali to understand the overlaps and target areas for intervention (nutrition, health and sanitation)
  3. Identify vulnerable communities and opportunities for intervention (including in nontraditional sectors such as governance or education)
  4. Identify opportunities for linking work in health sector to work in economic growth, rural development and agriculture sectors
  5. Align July 2010 report with Nutrition CRSP (now known as Innovation Lab) objectives and determine USAID’s comparative advantage in the area of scientific research, capacity building and program implementation targeting nutrition, health and agriculture
  6. Facilitate a consultative process to develop a mission-wide intersectoral nutrition strategy