Innovation Lab for Nutrition Annual Report- Year 11

The following is the annual report of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition for the fiscal year 2021 starting October 2020 through September 2021 (Yr11).

The Nutrition Innovation Lab seeks to discover how investments in agriculture can be enhanced to accelerate gains in nutrition, and how policy and program interventions can be effectively integrated to achieve improvements in maternal and child nutrition at scale. It also pursues innovative research at the frontiers of biology and policy, such as exploring the links between aflatoxins and nutrition outcomes, the role of livestock promotion in enhancing diet quality, and the links between sanitation (open defecation practices) and nutrition outcomes. Combining resources from US institutions and global partners, the research and capacity building activities of the Nutrition Innovation Lab focus on operationally and policy-relevant work that supports both national government and USAID priorities.

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