Postponed: 3rd National Workshop on Human Nutrition Research

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Kathmandu Nepal

3rd National Workshop on Human Nutrition Research

Due to global guidance in response to the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are postponing the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition’s 3rd National Workshop in Nutrition Designs and Methods in Kathmandu to a later, as-yet-unspecified date.

The annual National Workshop on Human Nutrition Research is an initiative under the Feed the Future Innovation lab for Nutrition and Tufts University, to enhance its ongoing support to the overall institutional and human research capacity around agriculture, health and nutrition in Nepal. In collaboration with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population, Department of Health Services, National Health Training Center, Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine, Patan Academy of Health Sciences, College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology, Purdue University, St. Johns Institute, Tuskegee University and Johns Hopkins University, the Nutrition Innovation Lab will be conducting its 3rd National Workshop on Nutrition Research Designs and Methods in Kathmandu, Nepal. The one-week workshop will be held in Kathmandu.

Workshop Objectives

  1. To understand the basic concept of research design, processes and components. Gain substantive knowledge in developmental and structural processes in preparing a research protocol.
  2. To identify a research question with measurable precise objectives. Understand and develop appropriate research design, data collection and analysis methods.
  3. To identify a research topic representing gaps in scientific knowledge and complete a written research grant proposal on that topic.
  4. To verbally present the research design and respond to constructive criticism and queries during the presentation.

Who can apply?

Potential candidates may be currently involved in nutrition programs, policy, clinical research including medical students, physicians and public health professionals. Junior faculty in public health and nutrition at academic institutions throughout Nepal are also invited to participate. Provincial and central government representatives working within the field of public health and nutrition are highly encouraged to participate. Candidates should demonstrate a strong commitment to nutrition and public health practice and/or research.

Workshop Fee

There is no workshop fee for the participants. Candidates will be selected through a competitive selection method and will be expected to fulfill a pre-requisite orientation for the workshop. Those selected will be provided with a workshop package that will include background reading materials, handouts, and workshop schedule and reference e-books.



The workshop will be held at the Park Village Resort in Budanilkantha Kathmandu. The Nutrition Innovation Lab will sponsor food and lodging arrangements.

To Apply

For Application and Workshop details, please visit our website at

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