Understanding Agriculture to Nutrition Linkages: A Rapidly Moving Agenda

09/30/2015 (One day) Willard Hotel, Washington DC

The Nutrition Innovation Lab presented research findings from their first 5 years of research in Asia and Africa.

This event was live on Webinar and was recorded.  The videos from the presentation are linked below.

The slides from the event are available here.


Understanding Agriculture to Nutrition Linkages: A Rapidly Moving Agenda
Presented by: The Nutrition Innovation Lab

Location: The Willard Office Building
1455 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20004


The Nutrition Lab’s ongoing research agenda is framed around 3 over-arching questions:

  • Can the pathways by which agriculture achieves measurable impacts on nutrition be empirically demonstrated?;
  • How do neglected biological mechanisms impact nutrition in ways that can be modified through a nutrition-sensitive agriculture lens? and
  • Can we measure, and influence, the quality of ‘nutrition governance’ at national and sub-national levels to improve impacts?


These themes frame a set of nested studies that are generating exciting empirical evidence that responds to developing country and Feed the Future concerns.



8:30 am: Coffee/Tea

9:00 am: Welcome remarks (Eileen Kennedy and Maura Mack)

Big picture issues

9:10 am:  Mapping Innovation Lab Research: how does it fit together?  (Patrick Webb)

9:25 am: Climate, Agriculture, and Nutrition: tightly wedded or loosely meshed? (Gerald Shively)

Discussion: 10 minutes

Focus Country Research (to date)

9:50 am: Influence of local market prices on intake of nutritious foods (finding from the PoSHAN Community Studies, Nepal) (Keith West and Rolf Klemm)

10:05 am: The Relationship of Production Diversity and Dietary Diversity – first PoSHAN findings for Nepal (Shibani Ghosh)

10:20 am: Livestock production, anemia and malaria linkages: findings from Uganda panel studies (Nassul Kabunga)

Discussion (15 minutes)

10:50- 11:05 am: Break for Coffee/Tea

11:05 am: Relevance of Innovation Lab research to in-country policy making and programming  (Panel Discussion: Eileen Kennedy, Robin Shrestha and Bernard Bashaasha)

Looking forward

11:40 am: Key ‘new’ domains of research for nutrition (Jeffrey K Griffiths)

11:55 am: Closing Remarks and Final Discussion (Eileen Kennedy)