IUNS International Congress of Nutrition Conference

10/15/2017 - 10/20/2017 Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition is proud to present multiple different abstracts at the ICN conference.
ICN Presentations
Laurie Miller Greater improvements in child growth and diet quality after a holistic community development intervention than after nutrition training alone
Shibani Ghosh Stunting and overweight in rural households of southwest and northern Uganda
Nassul Kabunga Cattle Ownership, childhood malaria and anemia in Uganda
Shibani Ghosh & Nassul Kabunga Food or Water for sanitation: explaining regional differences in child malnutrition rates in Uganda
Shibani Ghosh & Nassul Kabunga Crop production and livestock production diversity are positively associated with dietary diversity in rural Ugandan women and children aged 6-59 months Tuesday, Oct. 17  Retiro C, 15:00-16:30
Robin Shrestha Estimating gestational age using Last Menstrual Period (LMP) as Symphysis Fundal Height (SFH) measures rather than Obstetric ultrasound examination: a test of methods for use in low income settings  Tuesday, Oct. 17  8:00-9:00 Touch screen 12
Jacqueline Lauer Assessing the relationship between household water quality and environmental enteric dysfunction in children living in southwestern Uganda  Tuesday, Oct. 17  8:00-9:00 Touch screen 13
Johanna Andrews-Trevino Maternal Aflatoxin levels in pregnancy and low birth weight prevalence in Banke, Nepal  Thursday, Oct. 19  12:30-13:30 Touch screen 3
Shibani Ghosh Determining the true prevalence of inadequate protein intake among infants and young children and its implications