AGGP- “It is time: Valuing women’s time in nutrition research and policy”

06/30/2015 (One day) London, UK

With renewed concerns for malnutrition in the context of post-2015 development framework, it is important to consider the directions taken by nutrition research and policy. Recent work in the areas of agriculture, nutrition and health is seeking to shed light on how agriculture can improve nutrition and health.

Women are seen as important players in many of the pathways linking agriculture and nutrition. Women’s participation in agricultural work can contribute to nutrition via increased incomes, but it could affect women’s time to prepare food and take care of children. Interventions aimed at reducing women’s time burden have been narrow and overly concerned with technical solutions, but are time-saving technologies sufficient to address women’s time constraints? Efforts to eliminate malnutrition need to tackle women’s domestic and care responsibilities within the broader context in which malnutrition persists.

Dr. Webb presents findings from Nepal; link to event here.