The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition experts have been featured in blogs, opinion pieces, and news articles.  Explore the links below!


Center for a Livable Future: “Nepal and Nutrition: Bringing More to the Table”

Elana Broaddus and Swetha Manohar discuss some of the vital research presented at the 4th Annual Scientific Symposium and it’s larger impact.
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The Global Panel’s Foresight Project

Listen to the Panel’s Lead Experts explain contemporary agricultural and dietary issues and the questions they’re raising as solutions are generated.
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The Guardian: To end malnutrition, we must step up to the plate with data on what people eat.

Patrick Webb and Lawrence Haddad argue the case for more data on what people are eating, so we can most accurately pinpoint solutions for malnutrition.
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Tufts Now: Lessons from Nepal

In the wake of the earthquake that struck in spring 2015, Dr. Patrick Webb talks about how research in the area will be impacted.
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Tufts Nutrition Magazine: Interviewed for article by Levin D, called ‘Toxic Crops’, Winter 2015, pp 14-15

In an interview with Tufts Nutrition Magazine, Dr. Webb discusses stunting, alfatoxins, and some of the questions the Nutrition Innovation Lab is attempting to answer in terms of how to tackle those problems.
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Commentary on MDG progress for Devex, August 14, 2014

Dr. Webb provides a snapshot of the history of policymakers’ goals to end hunger and malnutrition.
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