Poster Guidelines and Specifications

Poster Template
  1. Poster dimensions are to be 121.92 x 91.44 cm (48-width x 36-height inches). 
  2. Please use the poster template linked here or linked below to type out and format the contents of the poster. The poster should have a title at the top, including the list of authors and/or partners. The institution and partner’s logos should be placed in the top-right corner of the template. Letters in the title should be at least 2.54 cm large.
  3. To ensure clarity throughout the remainder of the poster, please ensure that fonts are at least 28 points. We recommend using simple serif fonts such as Times New Roman only.
  4. To ensure effective space utilization, please focus on key elements of your research. All posters must include a concluding paragraph that states how your research links to the research goals of the Innovation Lab for Nutrition.


Be sure to include:

  • Background, i.e., the problem/issue addressed.
  • Aims, i.e., the study’s importance and relevance, and major hypotheses.
  • Study design and methodology, including measures used.
  • Main results, interpretations, and conclusions.

Poster Template