2012 Symposium

Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition in Nepal- Taking Stock and Defining Priorities

1st Annual

Agriculture to Nutrition


The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition, in conjunction, with our partner, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Institute of Medicine, the Nepali Technical Assistance Group, and the Nepal Agriculture Research Council, hosted its 1st annual Scientific Symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal on March 21-22, 2016. The symposium sought to understand, from data relevant to Nepal, aspects of agricultural production that affect food production quality, quantity and availability in markets across ecological zones and seasons, market dynamics that affect year round and seasonal household access to food, through purchase or home production,  household food security and consumption norms that  affect dietary intake, and nutritional adequacy and hygiene that affect nutritional status, health, societal function and survival.  Emphasis was placed on effects on women and young children.  The event was attended by approximately 140 participants from the scientific, research, program, policy maker and development partner communities.

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 Rolf Klemm Keynote Address on Agriculture- Nutrition Pathways
 Devendra Gauchan State of the Art/Evidence
 Ram Krishna Neupane Household Consumption of Grain Legumes in Nepal Terai: A Study on Impact of Improved Technologies
 Luke Covalito Efficiencies in Linking Agricultural Development with Health and Nutrition Training in Nepal
 Joe Sanders High impact, integrated approaches for improved food security and nutrition of rural poor
 Marie Ruel State of the Art/Evidence: Improving Access to Nutritious Foods in Rural Markets
 Naomi Saville Application of the Household Economy Approach for assessing food security and describing livelihoods in Nepal
 Debendra Adhikari Homestead Food Production contributes to dietary intake among children 6‐23 months old in Kailali district, Far Western Terai
 BP Shrestha Food security, food price and income trends in Dhanusha district Nepal between 2005‐2011
 Mariko Kawabata Validating district‐level assessment with survey data: example from the Nepal Food Security Monitoring System
Ramesh Adhikari State of the Art/Evidence
Keith West Nutrition Interventions that Improve Child or Maternal Health or Survival: Findings from RCTs in the Terai of Nepal NNIPS research
Neena Joshi Growth and health of rural children in 3 districts of Nepal: effect of a community development intervention
Peter Anderson Impacts of Changes in Grain Pulse (legume consumption) on micronutrient supply of rural women in Nepal and North
Dr. Subedi Correlates of Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in Chepang community of Makawanpur
Ramesh Adhikari & Rolf Klemm Closing Remarks